Trade Show Shipping Cases

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Tank Tube Shipping Cases

Tank Tube Shipping Cases


Rotunda Shipping Cases


Expand Case to Counter


Expand Double-Size Kits


OCM Monitor Case


 Nimlok Shipping Cases

Wheeled Hard Case for 10 x 10 Comfort Tile

Case for 10x10 Floor Tile

10x20 Wheeled Hard Case Interlocking Tile Floors

Case for 200SF Tiles

20×20 Tile Shipping Case

Case for 400Sf of Tiles


OCS Case, 13″ x 13″ x 39″, $170

ocl shipping case

​OCL Case, 13"x13"x50", $185


Xpressions Case, 14 x 14 x 41, $250


VBurst Shipping Case, 15 x 26 x 39, $269 w/o graphic

uf 4825

UF 4825 or 4831 Shipping Cases, $350

MX 2000

MX 2000, 53x29x31, $1100

MX 409 Shipping Case

MX 409, 44″ x 22″ x 7, $275

Need a custom trade show display case?

We also team with a few [select] shipping case manufacturers, to work with them to develop custom shipping cases for special requirements. As an example, this project needed a shipping case that would hold - and also charge - 150 Amazon Fire tablets.

LM Cases was our partner on this project and came through and did a great job for us - if you have a custom application, give us a call!

custom shipping trade show case for 150 amazon fire tablets
custom shipping case for 150 amazon fire tablets
custom trade show shipping case for 150 amazon fire tablets

Trade Show Shipping Cases Do an Important Job!

Are your custom graphics and other exhibits getting banged-up during transit from show to show? Creating a professional impression at a trade show can be critical to the success of your business and an important part of that professional appearance can be achieved simply with the use of the best trade show cases.

American Image's trade show display cases protect your displays and graphic materials during transit, ensuring they arrive safely. Our trade show cases also keep things neat around your booth as you set up and take down your booth, and provide great storage containers for your displays, so that they don't get dirty or damaged in-between trade shows, so many customers buy trade show shipping cases and crates to keep graphics and other valuable equipment protected and organized when not in use.

Browse through our selection and you’ll find an assortment of small, medium, and large trade show shipping cases that will provide maximum protection and ease of transportation. These reusable containers will not crush like cardboard boxes. Our rugged containers will eliminate the concern of shipping damage. Whether you require an expandable crate, a round case, or a large, rectangular case for heavy use, you’ll find it here.

We offer several shipping case models that can be checked as airline luggage. Other shipping cases for trade shows are conveniently stackable for optimal storage.

<strong>The <em>Expand podium trade show display cases</em> convert into counters and podiums!</strong>

Some of our trade show cases are shallow, optimized for storing and transporting smaller items, such as graphics, flooring tiles, portable lighting, and other booth accessories.

We also have <strong>trade show shipping containers with wheels</strong> to allow for easy maneuvering. These designs feature easy-grip molded handles.

All of the trade show case options offered here are made with quality materials that are durable and built to withstand years of use. Most of our cases are made in the USA. All are rugged, as lightweight as possible, and designed for durability. Choose from wood or plastic outer shells, as well as shipping containers with or without foam lining. Exhibitors can also purchase the Expand Podium shipping case, which converts to a portable presentation stand for use within your booth. This convertible shipping container comes with custom graphics to help advertise your brand.