Embrace Pop Up Displays

Embrace™ Push Fit Tension Fabric Displays feature contemporary styling with pop-up convenience.

Lightweight, portable and modern... That's the winning combination in an exhibit display that is completely customizable.

  • SEG fabric graphics create sleek, sophisticated styling.
  • Stretch fabric and collapsible framework deliver the advantages of a large display, making maximum impact,  yet easy setup by one person.
  • NO tools needed (AT ALL!)
  • Extraordinarily light
  • Portable with carry bag or wheeled bag

Set-up is a simple three-step process: (Click to watch video)

  1. Stand the frame on end.
  2. Attach perimeter channels.
  3. Push the "bead" of the fabric graphic into the groove.
Embrace 4x3 SEG Trade Show Pop Up Display

Embrace 10ft W 4x3 SEG Pop Up Display


Embrace 8ft Square 3x3 Pop Up Display


Embrace 2x3 5ft W Pop Up Display

embrace-2 1/2 ft-full-height-push-fit-tension-fabric-display_full-fitted-graphic-left

Embrace 1x3 2.5ft w Pop Up Display


Embrace 8ft W 3x2 Table Top Display


Embrace 2x2 5ft Square Table Top Display


Embrace 5ft w Short Table Top Display


Embrace 2.5Ft Square Table Top Display


List of all available Embrace Accessories

More Than Just A Display

For your next trade show, tote an Embrace™ pop-up display in your arms. With so many size options available an exhibit area can have an outstanding table top display or a stunning backdrop. End cap options provide a sleek silhouette, hiding hardware and framework from view. Portability, set up and dismantling doesn't get any better than with Embrace™.

There is also an Embrace™ portable counter available that perfectly pairs with a table top Embrace™ display and compliments an Embrace™ wall display or backdrop . Laminated counter finishes are available in black, mahogany, natural or silver to perfectly match any exhibit booth's design and color scheme. Sturdy construction provides a surface that can handle 50 lbs. The counter also features a concealed shelf that provides a handy storage space for company literature, snacks and drinks, and any of those necessary supplies that are toted to trade shows.

Check Out The Rave Reviews

Embrace™ is already establishing a winning reputation. What are actual trade show people saying about the new Embrace™? They are calling it the complete package. What rave reviews are really homing in on are the unique features that set this design apart as superior to others. They like the durable framework and vibrant graphics.

Improved connection rods create a more secure connection to hubs. The high quality of the Embrace™ Tension Fabric Pop-Up Display surpasses the framework of competitors for strength and quality. That is why there is a lifetime manufacturer warranty for the frame that gives customers full protection against any manufacturing defect. The creators of this modern display believe in their product.

But rave reviews don't stop there. The printing use for the graphics is simply superb. Dye sub Injection directly into the fabric creates an image that can withstand the abuse of long-term use. The opaque nature of the fabric further enhances the contrast of graphics, text or images. For a display whose brilliancy will endure just as much use as its rugged framework, Embrace™ has got the winning combination.

It's easy to deliver an Embrace™ pop-up display to your destination. Carry or wheeled bags are available. Although the displays are light enough to tote yourself or wheel behind you, shipping kits are available to make it more convenient for those who need to travel long distance for shows. But the lightweight design means savings on shipping costs. Another plus reviewers prefer.

Order Yours Today

Trade show display suppliers are excited to offer this superior display product. If you’re interested in state-of-the-art design, quality construction, knock-out graphics, the easiest set-up currently available, the quickest dismantling, lower shipping costs, and an affordable price for the entire package, then you want an Embrace™ Tension Fabric Pop-Up Display! And there's even more good news... You can get one today! Contact American Image Displays and order your own Embrace™ pop-up display.