The Best Floor You Can Use At Trade Shows

comfort flex interlocking vinyl trade show tiles

A well put-together booth is one of best ways to make a splash at trade shows — so what does your floor say about yours? You know that thousands of feet have trampled all over that manky old carpet already installed at a lot of centers and let’s face it. You want your clients standing […]

What Really Makes Your Trade Show Strategy Work?

multiquad-exhibit-20x50 with product shelving

There is no end to the preparations you can make for creating a winning trade show exhibit. But what really makes your trade show strategy work? A quick Google search (or a search right here through our vast library of previous blog entries) will provide dozens and dozens of articles telling you what you should […]

Niche Your Way To Trade Show Success

navigator backlit displays create great looking backwalls

We’ve talked before about qualifying your trade show prospects – knowing your market niche is essential to success at trade shows and in the general market place. So, how do you qualify your company’s prospects so that you don’t waste your time or theirs? What exactly is niche marketing, anyway? Well, here’s an example: Your […]

Benefits of Backlit Trade Show Displays

8ft curved backlit vburst

Backlit trade show displays are one of the hottest trends in exhibit design today. The ability to give your display a look that “pops”, especially when it can be your own customized artwork and logo that is popping out and catching attention, is one of the greatest benefits of backlit trade show displays. For many […]

Trade Show Chatter Matters


If you want to increase trade show booth traffic, the best thing to do is to become the talk of the town, or at least the show. The first step is knowing how to kickstart the trade show chatter. To become the talk of the show you have to get attendees talking in your trade show […]

Ten Words You Should NEVER Use In Your Sales Pitch

Next 10ft Popup SEG

Are there ten words you should never use in a sales pitch? Absolutely – in fact, there’s more than just ten! Remember, words are not just a collection of letters with dictionary definitions. Some words set off emotional triggers. They can cause conflict and start fights. We’ve heard them all before, and all of us have associations with specific […]

Top Ten Tips For Newbie Trade Show Exhibitors

crowded trade show booth

  There’s a lot of tips for newbie trade show exhibitors out there (and right here, in our own searchable blog archives). But what I thought I’d do today is go over a few of the most important things you should put into action if you’re new (or relatively new) to the trade show exhibiting […]

What Makes A Product Demo Go Viral?

Merchandise Express Point of Sale Display Kits can help your product demo go viral!

Why would you want to make your trade show product demo go viral? To draw attention and boost your booth traffic? In the trade show exhibiting business, everyone’s trying to attract attention. Doing this isn’t as hard as it sounds. After all, a car wreck attracts attention, and the participants aren’t even trying! The key […]