Trade Show Banner Stands December Sale!

When you want to add a little something extra to your booth or display, trade show banner stands offer some great characteristics – they’re inexpensive, light weight, colorful, and it’s easy to change the graphics as needed.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

There are also lots of new innovations in banner stands, including backlit stands, 3D designs, and stands that rotate and move.  The Brandcusi banner stands are one of these new designs – they came on the market last year, and won a New  Product Design award at Exhibitor 2011.

The Brandcusi banner stands offer several different shapes, with messages on both sides of the banner – and are on a great sale this month. They are normally a great deal at $500 for the complete kit, including double-sided graphic, hardware, and soft carry bag. Options include lights, product shelves and literature holders, as shown on the left.

brandcusi_decDuring December, Santa has this new banner stand design on sale for $425, and is also offering a FREE IPAD counter with them – a$444 savings on both items!

There will be a lot lof competition at your events, but a banner that is shaped differently and doesn’t look like all the other banners can attract attendees away from the boring booths. The right trade show banner stand display will set you apart, so take your time and choose a style that provides the features that you need.

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