Trade Show Pop Up Displays

QUADRO Premium

QUADRO-Premium-trade-show-pop-up-displaysPremium Quality, US Made

BURST Pop UP Displays

V-BURST-Trade-Show-Pop-UP-Displays1/2 the weight
LIFETIME Warranty!

Backlit Burst PopUp

vburst-backlit-trade-show-popup-displays1/2 WT Plus Backlighting

Xpressions SNAP

xpressions_trade-show-popup-display-with-lightbox1/3 WT, Quick Swap Graphics

ARISE Merchandiser

Arise Merchandiser trade show Pop Up Display for productsBudget Portable
Product Display


trade show pop op display with Fabric or Mural Graphic PanelsDurable Budget Popup
Many sizes & options

Featherlite Exhibits

Featherlite Pop Up DisplayFeatherlite Exhibit

Splash Double-Sided

Infinite Splash Fabric Pop Up DisplayPopup Display Frame
Double-sided fabric graphic


Trade Show Pop Up Display Gallery

Trade Show Pop Up Displays, including Carpet Fabric, Lambda Graphic & Tension Fabric Pop Ups

Pop Up Displays have been around for a long They use an expandable accordion frame structure, usually made from aluminum. This frame collapses into about a 20″ square, approx 30″ tall. When expanded, the frame literally “pops up” into place, hence the name “Pop Up Display”.

In a “traditional”, first generation trade show pop up display, separate magnetic bars are hung on the front of the frame, using hooks that attach to the top of the frame, and latches that attach to the hubs in front too. Then fabric or graphic panels with magnetic strips on the sides and hooks on top are attached; these panels are rollable, so they can store in the shipping case. These panels historically have either been Velcro-receptive fabric (often called “carpet panels”), or printed and laminated mural graphic panels.

Construction for pop up displays varies a little fromtrade-show-pop-up-display-explanation-image one manufacturer to the next, using slightly different hubs and scissor arms, and offering different accessories. The frames can look almost identical to the casual eye, and sometimes even to an experienced eye. However, there is a range of quality that buyers should be aware of. The least expensive pop up stands are seemingly only intended for a few uses, because the plastic hubs and scissor arms break or bend pretty quickly. More durable pop up display stands use better engineering and stronger parts, and normally come with a lifetime hardware warranty.

Newer generation trade show pop up displays use lighter frames and lighter graphics; these models include the Burst and Xpressions display systems. The patented Burst displays use a lighter weight frame that comes with a lifetime warranty. The graphic is a very high resolution dye sublimation printed fabric, attached to the frame with Velcro – this graphic does not need to be removed to collapse the frame, making the setup and dismantle quick and easy, and the full display is about 1/2 the weight of a traditional popup. The graphic can be removed quickly in order to swap graphics, or to clean it (machine washable). The newest Burst innovation is backlighting; the backlit Bursts use a patent-pending frame designed to hold lights and provide a backlit graphic with no shadows.

The Xpressions Snap popup display uses an even lighter weight frame, making the Xpressions display about 1/3 the weight of a traditional popup – and this frame comes with a lifetime warranty too! The Xpressions graphics are stretch fabric, with a dye sub print on them. These graphic “skins” attach via a button hole on the skin, to a button on the Xpressions frame – allowing for very quick graphic swapping. These graphics are also machine washable, and also do not need to be removed for setup/dismantle. Many different size skins are available to change the look of the display. There are also sheer skins, to create a 3D look, backlighting for 1×1 skins, and the new Connex frames, which use new connectors to create rounded shapes, towers, and many new – yet still quick and easy to set up – popup display configurations.

For more info on the differences between different pop up displays, please review our blog article.