Is Direct Mail For Trade Shows A Dead Idea?

Custom 20x20 Island with SEG Fabric Backwalls and Tension Fabric Canopies, Laminated Wood Panels for Storage Closet, Fabric Logo Sign, and lots more!

Does technology today rule out direct mail for your trade show marketing? Once upon a time, every message that traveled from one person to another required an envelope and a stamp. Then email came along and changed all that. But does that mean direct mail solicitations are too “old school” to be effective and successful […]

Ten Tips For Better Follow-Up on your Trade Show Leads

RENTAL - Modified RE-9020 Double-Deck with Counters, Product Displays, Graphics, and an Overhead Hanging Sign

You’ve heard it said again and again: “studies show that trade show leads don’t receive adequate follow-up.” In fact, you may have heard an exact number: “80% of trade show generated leads don’t receive any follow up.” The figure is usually attributed to research done by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR). But I’ve […]

Nine Ways To Get Traffic In Your Trade Show Exhibit

MOD-1430 Charging Station Coffee Table with (8) USB Ports and Graphics

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) draws more than 170,000 people to Las Vegas every year. If that’s your market, you only have to appeal to a small slice of those attendees to make your trade show exhibit marketing program a success – in this situation, getting traffic in your trade show exhibit isn’t a big challenge. […]

Exhibiting 101: Post Trade Show Analysis

10 x 20 Visionary Designs Hybrid Trade Show Exhibit with LOTS of shelves, backlighting and counter

This is the eighth in a series of articles about the basics of exhibiting that began with the first post of the New Year. Let’s face it. Producing a post-show evaluation isn’t much fun. It feels like doing your taxes, and it involves math. But it’s critical to the success of your trade show exhibiting program, […]

Exhibiting 101: Following Up On Trade Show Leads

LITE display 10x30 with shelves

This is the seventh in a series of articles about the basics of exhibiting that began with the first post of the New Year. This article focuses post-show, on reeling in those important trade show leads. Trade shows are truly unique in that people come to the event, essentially with cash in hand, looking for […]