1 Absolutely Easy Way to Supercharge your Trade Show Planning

Modified VK-5095 Visionary Designs Hybrid Island Exhibit with Fabric and Direct Print Graphics

Congratulations. You’ve got a striking trade show display. Colorful, attractive graphics are strategically displayed throughout the booth. You’re in a great space on the show floor. Your exhibit showcases the latest and greatest technology your company has ever produced. You’ve even got great promotional items ready to distribute to booth visitors. You’ve also got a […]

How To Create A Profitable Trade Show Follow Up Blueprint

Perfect 10 Trade Show Displays

I’ve heard a variety of people claim that “research shows 80% of trade show-generated leads never get any follow-up.” People have cited CEIR, Exhibit Surveys, Exhibitor magazine and other industry organizations and publications as their “source”. We couldn’t find any evidence that any of these sources has ever said or published anything like this. The 80% “fact” is […]