Modified VK-1501 Perfect 10 Portable Hybrid Displays with VK-1658 Pedestal

Trade Show giveaways, premiums, promotional products, traffic builders, tchotchke, swag… These items have many names, but they all mean the same thing. A trade show giveaway is a small gift, given away at trade shows and events. Exhibitors give these away to enhance their company’s image, and to encourage visitors. These promo items can range […]

multiquad exhibit 30x50

It’s set-up day at a show, you’re pressed for time. Then you realize that apparently the tear down crew at the last show forgot to re-pack the assembly instructions for your trade show booth. You lose half a day and hundreds of dollars. The exhibit company that made your display is closed for the day, and you need […]

Trade Show Intelligence Gathering

At a glance, trades shows and face-to-face marketing events present exhibitors with the chance to promote their brand as well as network with other industry professionals. While these events do serve this purpose, events also afford the exhibitors a chance to scope out their top competitors, and even an opportunity to discover rival brands they […]

Custom Laminated Wood Exhibit with Vinyl Wrap, 8 Showcases, 2 Bridge Headers, a Tapered Square Hanging Sign- and More!compressor

Most B2B exhibitors spend about a fifth of their marketing budget on trade shows. (This data comes from a recent Forrester study.) Yet, most exhibitors are not taking orders in their trade show booths. Lead gathering is much more common than order taking at most trade shows. This means that those exhibitors are investing a fifth of their […]

Custom Modular Exhibit with Slatwall, Storage, Reception Counter, Backlit Graphics, and Metal Product Display (tree)

Nothing beats a trade show for creating a powerful environment for person-to-person meetings. The key to being a successful trade show manager is simple. You need to create memorable, informational and enjoyable interactions with your prospects. There’s no other environment that can put your company’s sales force in touch with so many of the people who want […]

How To Make People Read Your Trade Show Graphics Copy

can you write better ad copy than a 5th grader

When trade show graphics copy or ad copy doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, there’s usually a good reason. Unfortunately, there can be lots of reasons that companies end up with bad graphics copy at trade shows. For example, your marketing team may not see this as part of their assignment. Your trade show managers may […]

How to Earn Better Trade Show Results by Building Trust

Custom Retail Fixtures for an Annual Conference and Event

You know the routine by heart. You attend a trade show. Set up your exhibit. Talk with visitors. Collect contact information. Pack up your exhibit. Pass the leads along to Sales. And then rinse and repeat. Then repeat. And repeat. But maybe this approach isn’t producing the results you’re hoping for. I’m suggesting there’s a […]

20x20 composite truss display

There are two ways to cut costs in your trade show marketing program: with an ax or a scalpel. The ax is likely to do as much damage as good, while the scalpel can trim in places your booth visitors won’t even notice. But the results can be significant, trimming your budget substantially without cutting […]