Exhibiting 101: How To Buy A New Exhibit

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There are usually two big choices in the career of a trade show manager: (1) buying the company’s first trade show exhibit, and (2) buying the next booth. This article will help guide you through the process of successfully negotiating the best deal for your first—or next—new booth. It will also save you time, trouble and headaches along the way. […]

Exhibiting 101: How To Pick The Right Show

meme - choosing a trade show

Trade shows are the ideal environment for first encounters with prospects who can say “yes” to your product pitch. But just showing up doesn’t guarantee success. Far from it. Choosing the right show for your business is critically important for success, and that’s what this article is designed to help you do. I hesitate to say that choosing the correct show is part art, part science. Why? […]

Four Ways To Dramatically Improve Your Trade Show Sales

To significantly increase your booth staff’s success at getting leads and closing on the show floor, you need to make some changes. This means doing something completely different from everyone else. A few simple changes in your approach can make a world of difference in your trade show profitability. Here’s how: What You’re Doing: Giving […]

Creativity For Trade Show Managers: Part Two

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In our blog last week, we talked about how creativity can be useful for a trade show manager. A creative approach will help you develop fresh and exciting ways of telling show visitors about your product or service. We talked about how creativity isn’t a synonym for cleverness. Sometimes, clever ideas can work. Other times, they’re just corny […]

Creativity For Trade Show Managers: Part 1

creativity for trade show managers

Creativity? Since when is being a trade show manager a creative enterprise? That job often seems more like pushing a rope. Well, I’m suggesting it is creative—and always has been. Maybe you just didn’t label it as such. You may think creativity on the trade show floor means playing silly games in the booth or […]