What is a Trade Show?


When you think of trade shows, what do you think of? What is a trade show, exactly? A convention center full of booths and displays, with a few hundred merchants all trying to get your attention? Maybe you think of the latest industry developments being shown off for attendees, or the panels where you can […]

Making The Right Choice in Trade Show Flooring


When industries are preparing for a trade show the first items on the checklist are often banners and tables. When the organizer does get around to thinking about what will be under everyone’s feet, they soon realize there are lots of options and struggle with making the right choice. Yet, if there are choices, there must be a reason. Which […]

Great Trade Show Display Ideas That Attract More Booth Traffic

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Exhibitors with traffic-stopping trade show booths are master magicians. They all know how to “automagically” turn ordinary face-to-face encounters with people into extraordinary business opportunities. And their not-so-secret magic tricks? Innovative trade show display ideas, all superbly done! Some of them are conventional ideas executed to exceed expectations, some are fresh out of nowhere ideas […]

Why You Need Trade Shows In Your Marketing Strategy


Why do you need trade shows in your marketing strategy? In fact, why might trade shows be the most important part of your marketing strategy? Well, it’s really simple, and answered by one more question – what is the biggest benefit of interacting with attendees at trade shows? The answer is relationships. Selling is all […]

How To Zig When Everyone Is Zagging

Use a Backlit Pop up Display with SEG graphics to achieve trade show success

You probably want to make your trade show exhibit more unique and interesting, and do something memorable that makes an impression on show visitors. We all do. That’s the only way we’re going to get traffic off the aisles and into our trade show booths. But if you’ve been doing the same thing for a […]

25 Top Tips for Success in your Trade Show Booth

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Many businesses, especially B2B companies, rely on trade shows to gain clientele and promote their brand. Trade shows offer an opportunity to gain a better sense of current business trends and to develop a presence in your industry. Setting up and running a trade show exhibit is no easy task, but when it’s done right, […]

The Top 10 Signs of Disengaged Trade Show Staff

Custom Trade Show Rental Booth with plenty of room for your trade show staff!

Trade shows can be an incredibly valuable tool for businesses seeking to expand their customer base and raise brand awareness. Unfortunately, trade shows can also raise negative awareness about your company. If your trade show staff is poorly trained or not fully engaged, you run the risk of warding off potential clients and doing more harm […]

Know Your Customers or It Can Kill You!

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We all want a crowded trade show booth, filled with prospects ready to do business with us. But you may be creating obstacles to accomplishing that goal that are actually keeping people away from your exhibit. Why? Because you don’t know your customers well enough, and haven’t given them a reason why they’d want to […]