What a Trade Show is Really About

what a trade show is really about is making your customers happy in your restaurant!

Do you know what a trade show is really about, as an exhibitor? Chances are, you’d respond that it’s about showing your latest and greatest stuff to your top customers and hottest prospects. That’s true, but backwards. Trade shows are about customers and prospects, not your product or service. And if you don’t know what your […]

The 5 Big Elements of Successful Trade Show Exhibiting

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If you’re a big company in the construction industry, successful trade show exhibiting possibly means attending the “Big Five”, a series of construction trade fairs originating in Dubai, attracting close to 75,000 participants in 2015. If you’re on a safari somewhere deep in the African savannah, you’ll probably want to see the “Big Five”: the lion, […]

How to Score with Social Media at Trade Shows

Interactive monitor, helps score with social media at trade shows

There’s no turning back now. Social media has become an essential tool, and you really do need to know how to score with social media at trade shows. And the best part is it’s one of the most cost effective ways to make a strong impression and promote your company, your products and your brand. […]

Why Use Custom Trade Show Displays?


If you don’t know why use custom trade show displays, take a few minutes to wander the aisles of a big trade show. Next day, ask yourself – what do you remember? Was it the vast multitude of displays that looked the same, except for the different logos? or was it that one or two custom […]

What is a Trade Show?


When you think of trade shows, what do you think of? What is a trade show, exactly? A convention center full of booths and displays, with a few hundred merchants all trying to get your attention? Maybe you think of the latest industry developments being shown off for attendees, or the panels where you can […]

Making The Right Choice in Trade Show Flooring


When industries are preparing for a trade show the first items on the checklist are often banners and tables. When the organizer does get around to thinking about what will be under everyone’s feet, they soon realize there are lots of options and struggle with making the right choice. Yet, if there are choices, there must be a reason. Which […]

Great Trade Show Display Ideas That Attract More Booth Traffic

segue island exhibit stand with silicone edge graphics closet storage and creative trade show signs-resized-600

Exhibitors with traffic-stopping trade show booths are master magicians. They all know how to “automagically” turn ordinary face-to-face encounters with people into extraordinary business opportunities. And their not-so-secret magic tricks? Innovative trade show display ideas, all superbly done! Some of them are conventional ideas executed to exceed expectations, some are fresh out of nowhere ideas […]

Why You Need Trade Shows In Your Marketing Strategy

otm-100-portable-table-and-chairs help to increase trade show booth traffic

Why do you need trade shows in your marketing strategy? In fact, why might trade shows be the most important part of your marketing strategy? Well, it’s really simple, and answered by one more question – what is the biggest benefit of interacting with attendees at trade shows? The answer is relationships. Selling is all […]