The Right Staff: How To Pick The Best Booth Staffers

MultiQuad 20 x 20 Island modular trade show panel display

Your staffers are responsible for the largest part of your exhibit’s memorability. According to one trade show consultant, “Eighty five percent of trade show results are determined by the exhibit’s sales staff.” How do you get the right people in your booth to make your show as successful as possible? One part of the equation […]

How To Use Testimonials to Promote Your Exhibition Displays

Don't Settle for Blending In!

Every type of advertiser has the same problem: they need to be believed. “The ‘mail order man’ knows nothing so potent for this purpose as the testimonial, yet the general advertiser seldom uses it.” So says James Webb Young, the favorite copywriter of legendary advertising executive David Ogilvy. Ogilvy himself adds, “Testimonials increase credibility—and sales.” […]

6 Ways to Jazz Up Your Trade Show Booth

Lighted custom display case and Wave interactive media player

Ever notice when you’re at a trade show event, most booths are usually just a sea of tables with boring white or gray cloths draped over them, a few posters here and there, and that’s about it? Does anything stand out and is there anything unique or eye-catching? Chances are most probably do not stand […]

A Booth Staff Trainer’s Top 7 Strategies – Part Two

Magic Square Trade Show Chairs

In a previous column, we presented several excellent strategies from professional booth staff trainer Matt Hill of The Hill Group. In his more than 25 years in this industry, he’s helped thousands of booth workers enhance their skills and make the most out of each and every interaction with show attendees. Knowing these strategies is critically important […]

What Should be in your trade show budget, but isn’t?

RENTAL - Custom 20 ft. Graphic Wall Structure Tension Fabric Graphics, and Sintra Graphics

If you’ve done a trade show or two, you know what the basic elements of a trade show budget are. The list can include: Booth Space Trade Show Display Booth Installation and Dismantle Expenses Drayage Freight Transportation Audio Visual Support Cleaning Floral Electrical Plumbing Internet Security Lead Gathering Services Hosts/Hostesses/Narrators Personnel Expenses Special Events Here’s […]

Trade Show Marketing During the Summer Months


When summertime rolls around, the trade show events tend to take a break along with their attendees. There are many people who choose to vacation during the summer months, making this the perfect time to plan ahead for your fall and winter time trade shows. If you feel you’re lacking the motivation to focus on […]