Thanks for visiting American Image Displays! We’re a 30 year old Seattle trade show supplies provider. Our office and showroom is on the Eastside, near the borders of Bellevue/Redmond/Kirkland. From the perspective of our Seattle area clients, you can find our convention displays and trade show display materials just a few minutes north from the HWY 520/ 148th Ave exit.

American Image Displays is an independent distributor, and we work with almost every major trade show exhibits manufacturer – this means we offer almost any kind of trade show booth and trade show supplies that might be needed for your show or convention. We work with national and international clients, shipping displays across the US, and sometimes, around the world.

We guarantee customer satisfaction, and live by the golden rule – we all shop online these days, and we all like to be treated with respect, in a fast and efficient way. You’ll find we answer the phone when you call!

We strive to provide fast and friendly service, and to offer very competitive prices on the best trade show displays and trade show display accessories that we can find. We try all of the convention displays and supplies out ourselves first, and don’t offer exhibits or accessories that we wouldn’t use ourselves.

We assign account executives to handle your account, so you’ll be dealing with the same person from start to finish. There will be no need to keep explaining your exhibit requirements or describing your conventions and existing trade show display units. We provide a one-stop solution for all your trade show booths and accessory requirements.

We have designers on staff, ready to help with exhibit design or graphic designs. Wide format graphic designing is all they do, so they know their stuff! We review your artwork, alert you to any concerns, and provide online graphic proofs at no added cost. We can provide renderings too, to help you visualize your new exhibit and how it fits in your booth space.

We have wide format inkjet printers in house, and offer emergency wide format printing services to our clients. Banner stands, convention trade show pop up signs, adhesive vinyl banners, signs, and prints in 24 hours if needed!

Trade Show Supplies:

Seattle Trade Show Displays, Booths, Exhibits, & everything else needed at a trade show!

Trade show product offerings at American Image Displays start with the main focal point – the best trade show displays. Convention display equipment is called many different names, including trade show displays, trade show exhibits, trade show booths, trade show display stands, back drops, back walls, and convention displays. These are all synonyms for the same product, and no matter what you call them, we work with almost every major manufacturer and offer almost every variety of trade show display unit that you might want to use to promote your products and services at a convention, business meeting, and trade show.

To help you browse trade show booth ideas and find what you’re looking for, we’ve grouped the main show booth designs according to the type of frame structure that is used to build them:

1) Pop Up Displays

Pop Up Displays include the original, expanding accordion frame, with either “carpet” panels or printed lambda mural graphic panels instead of the “carpet panels”. The “carpet panels” (really, they’re Velcro-receptive fabric panels) can have graphics printed and mounted to them with Velcro tabs. The original styles of popup accordion frames weigh about 100 lbs in a 10ft size. The latest version of these pop up displays use a stronger frame and offer a life time warranty.

Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware)- there are many imported cheap pop up display frames out there; they’re lucky to last for a few shows, much less a lifetime. When comparing popup displays and prices, be sure to compare features and warranties – the highest price is not usually the best choice, but the lowest price is extremely suspect – in many cases, you really do get what you pay for!

We also offer the next generation of pop up displays, known as the VBurst displays and Xpressions displays, which come with lighter weight frames, and dye sub printed fabric graphics instead of the heavier “carpet” panels or mural graphic panels. These displays are less than half the weight of the original pop up displays, and also come with a life time warranty. The fabric graphic on the new generation pop up displays does not need to be removed, so setting up or dismantling these displays only takes 2-3 minutes, compared to 20 minutes or so for a standard pop up display.

2) Tension Fabric Back Drops and Fabric Displays

Hybrid trade show displays are the latest development in the trade show industry. They are made with aluminum tube structures or aluminum extrusions, coupled with dye sub printed fabric graphics, and are called hybrid displays by some, others call them banner displays or modular displays. The fabric trade show displays in this category come in many different sizes, including 10×10, 10×20, 10×30 and larger inline booths. Many of these display stands can be extended, so that they can be a 10×10 for one show, and a 10×30 for the next show. We also offer large island trade show displays, as well as fabric towers, nifty looking fabric arches, & some fabric meeting rooms. Naturally, custom trade show booth designs are available too!

3) Truss Displays

If you’re not familiar with trade show truss displays, you should check them out. Truss is a modular system – really, it’s a tinker toy! You can always take the truss pieces and put them in different places, creating new display configurations from the same parts – adding or leaving out parts as needed.

  1. Our truss display exhibits include Orbital Express truss displays in several dozen pre-designed configurations. Orbital Express truss is a steel-based system, built with a 6″ box, and uses large hand-turned knobs to assemble the display parts – no other tools needed! Graphics can be fabric or laminated panels, and attach to the truss with Velcro tape or magnetic strips.
  2. We also offer EZ6, EZ12, and Hyperlite truss displays – these are also steel based truss, also tool-less systems. Instead of hand-turned knobs, this truss system uses finger-size wing nuts to assemble parts. EZ6 uses a 6″ box, EZ12 uses a 12″ box, for spanning larger spaces. Graphics can be fabric or laminated panels, and attach with clips.Our EZ6 and EZ12 truss systems also include Double-Deck displays – if you want to be above the crowd, then check these double decker displays out! The EZ6 and EZ12 truss is also available as a turnkey rental in major event cities; the rental prices include hardware rental, round trip shipping, and install and dismantle fees – if you’re looking for a great deal on truss rentals, be sure to look at the turnkey rental options.
  3. Our third truss system is a composite based system, an outgrowth of the aerospace composite development programs. Crosswire composite truss displays combine a wire braid core with a composite outer shell. It is imported from Europe and comes in a wide variety of metric sizes, in approximately 4″ squares and 8″ boxes. Graphics are normally fabric panels, and attach with clips. The HUGE advantage to composite truss is the weight – composite truss is similar in cost, but is about 1/3 the weight of comparable steel truss, equating to significant cost savings in shipping and drayage fees. The light-weight parts also are easier to pick up and assemble, meaning another cost savings in install/dismantle time and effort.

4) Panel Displays

offer the 4th way to create trade show display boards and booth structures – trade show panel displays are all built around  – yep, panels.

  • We offer traditional trade show panel systems designed by Nimlok and Classic.
  • We also offer an imported European plastic panel system called That Lite Thing.
  • We offer plastic based slat wall panels.
  • The MultiQuad panel system combines aluminum frames similar to the hybrid displays, with light weight graphic panels that attach with magnets.
  • We also offer Pole Panel Displays that use several sizes of panels that can be covered with Velcro-receptive fabric or slat walls.
  • All panel systems are modular, and easy to reconfigure. They’re also fairly simple to setup and dismantle – no tools required.

Digital Display Stands

Our digital display stands include free standing units, charging stations, and also solutions that integrate into trade show booth displays and back drops.

  • Interactive Media Players including the award winning Blade Media displays, as well as the Wave Interactive displays and the InTouch interactive display kits.
  • TV and Monitor stands
  • iPad® & Tablet Trade Show Kiosks and Charging Stations

Banner Stands

This category includes all types of Trade Show Banners and Stands:

  • Retractable banners stands, also called pull up banners, roll up banners, and pop up banners. They have a wind-up mechanism in the base, fabric or vinyl banners, and a pole to hold the banner.
  • Non-retractable Banners (including X-stands and L-stands), these banners simply roll up by hand and store with the base.
  • Trade Show Hanging Signs & Trade Show Banners
  • Outdoor Banners Stands
  • Also included in this banner category are banner walls made from multiple banners stands, and reconfigurable Twist banner displays, which can be used as stand-alone banners and also as magnetically connected banner walls.

Table Top Displays

All Table Top Displays, Table Displays, Table Display Stands, Showstyle Briefcase Display, & Table Pop Up Banners – if it is an exhibit or display that goes on top of a table, this is where to find it. Our tabletop displays are simple to use, very fast to set up and dismantle, light enough for anyone to easily carry, and still awesome looking! Trade Show tabletop display construction methods include popup frames, banner stands, tension fabric frames, and briefcase-style folding boards.

  • Xpressions and Salesmate trade show table top displays are often called pop up banners; they weigh 5 – 10 lbs, pop up in seconds, and come with lifetime warranties. They use multiple dye sub printed fabric graphics, normally left on, but can be changed in seconds.
  • Table Top Burst Displays are very similar to the Xpressions and Salesmate tabletop displays, except they use a slightly heavier accordion popup frame, and a single graphic that covers the entire table top display. The Vburst popup tabletop displays also come with a lifetime warranty; the graphic is left on the display while it is collapsed, but can be changed out in a few minutes to swap it, or to clean it (machine washable).
  • Standard Pop Up Table-Top Displays include the Ellipse 6ft and 8ft table top displays, and the Quadro QD series of table-top displays. Both kits use an expandable accordion frame; the Ellipse uses an aluminum frame, the Quadro a steel frame (with a lifetime warranty). Panels use hooks on top and magnetic side strips to attach to the frame, and can either be Velcro-receptive fabric or printed and laminated roll-able graphics.
  • Tension-Fabric Hybrid Table-Top Displays – these use aluminum extrusion frames and tension fabric graphic panels, for companies that want a light weight display with an exotic, special look, and include a variety of Sacajawea and Segue hybrid fabric table top displays.
  • Small Table Top Banners Stands and Signs – we have a variety of pop up banners and display stands that will fit on your trade show tables – the most popular is the Concierge, which includes a banner graphic and a literature holder.
  • The Showstyle briefcase display features a durable briefcase exterior with Velcro-receptive fabric interiors, and is offered in three sizes. Graphic panels and header graphics, as well as lights, are all stored within the closed briefcase. The Fast Trak Table Top Folding Panel Display uses three panels, with Velcro-receptive fabric on both sides; the panels are hinged together and fold up for storage. These come in 4ft and 6ft sizes.

Trade Show Table Covers

Also called Table Throws and Table Covers with Logo’s, if it is a cloth, printed or unprinted, for covering a trade show table, here it is:

  • We offer trade show table covers with multiple printing methods, including dye sub printing, screen printing, and vinyl heat transfers for logos.
  • We offer the standard 6ft and 8ft widths in our table covers and table runners, but we can do custom size tablecloths too.
  • We can do single logo’s on the front of your trade show table covers, and also full digital prints over the entire table covers.
  • We offer loose draping and fitted table covers, and also offer printed Spandex or Stretch Table Covers.

Our premium trade show table covers are done using a 100% polyester twill, to absolutely minimize wrinkling, come with a smoke/fire certification for trade show use, and are machine washable if soiled.

Furniture & Counters

This category includes all of our trade show furniture offerings, including:

  • A wide variety of trade show counters – fabric counters, back-lit counters, counters built from shipping cases, and truss counters.
  • We also offer trade show kiosks and workstations
  • Folding Trade Show chairs and trade show tables (including our famous pallet that converts to a trade show table!)
  • Counter Height Bamboo Tables and Chairs, with optional graphics!
  • Director Chairs, with and without logo’s.

Trade Show Flooring

Trade show floors offer a great hidden opportunity to wow your trade show visitors! Many exhibitors settle for using the show rental carpet, and end up blending into the background. Flooring has an impact even in a 10×10 booth – remember, that’s 100SF of potential advertising space! Take advantage of that space, and create a look and feel that stands out from the crowd.

  • We offer Trade Show Carpet in either rolls or with Interlocking Carpet Tiles – carpet can be printed with your logo, and normally offers a much more comfortable flooring than the rented carpet – visitors will stay just to rest their feet! Interlocking tiles include simulated wood finishes and carpet finishes. Extremely lightweight, portable, easy to set up and inexpensive to ship. Base is built with 5/8” thick foam padding for comfort and shock absorption. Beveled edges are available.
  • We also offer Rolled Vinyl floors in many different prints
  • Rolled Bamboo Flooring for those with eco-friendly products, these trade show floors are a light weight, great looking eco-friendly green flooring solution. Available in 5 colors, with optional shipping case.
  • Printed Full Color Felt Carpet, only 1/8” thick, 8 oz backing, is ideal for placing on top of unprinted carpet or other trade show flooring, but also works perfectly by itself. Vibrant colors, multiple pieces can be tiled together to form very large areas. These printed carpets offer an inexpensive way to add a flair and a logo to your trade show flooring.
  • Finally, for the bigger budgets, we offer wood floors, raised flooring and even raised flooring with internal lighting!

Pop Up Canopies, Event Tents, & Gazebo’s

For our clients with outdoor events, we offer

  • Printed pop up canopies, event tents and gazebo’s

Additional Trade Show Supplies and Accessories:

  • Literature Racks, Displays & Stands for Brochures & Flyers
  • Lighting: LED, Halogen & Incandescent Fixtures that fit most Trade show Displays Stands.
  • Graphics Design & Printing. Custom Trade Show Graphics. Lambda, Dye Sub & Inkjet Vinyl Printing
  • Shipping Cases for Exhibits, Trade Show Graphics & Supplies. Case to Counter Conversion Kits too!